Data product service

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The main output of the project are the updated data products which have improved quality and stability and are optimized for mesospheric research. We are providing altogether 14 individual target species from six satellite instruments, including ozone, greenhouse gases, and temperature. These include several new data products from the GOMOS and SCIAMACHY instruments. In addition, we provide merged data sets of water vapour and temperature for, e.g., long-term trend studies. These data sets typically cover the whole mesosphere with a time span starting from 2001 with the OSIRIS and SMR instruments.

Below is a full collection of access links to the satellite observations prepared in the MesosphEO project. Data are provided in NetCDF4 files, together with corresponding Product Specification Documents (PSD) which give instructions on the data format and usage. The data directories contain packed files (tar or tgz) which contain the full data sets, while following the directory structure gives access to shorter time periods of data (e.g. monthly, yearly).

Data are provided in native format (Level 2), as climatologies (Level 3), and as multi-instrument, merged products. Access links for these are provided below.

All data are freely available for scientific, non-commercial use. Before using the data, it is essential to read the PSD carefully. It is also recommended that the appropriate instruments team is contacted for further information on the data. When MesosphEO data are used in publications, we ask you to acknowledge MesosphEO using the following statement: The [O3, H2O, etc. as appropriate] data were provided by the ESA MesosphEO project (

Common data documentation

Level 2 data sets from individual instruments

Level 3 data sets from individual instruments

Multi-instrument, merged Level 3 data sets