Latests information

31 Oct 2022. The MIPAS and SCIAMACHY data links were updated.

30 Jan 2018. The data file containing merged L3 temperature data has been updated. The actual data remain exactly the same. However, there are some changes in the attributes of the data items: In the older version there were some data attribute entries incorrectly stating that the data items contained H2O data. This is now corrected. The data file version and data file name have been changed to fv0003.

17 Jan 2018. SCIAMACHY NLC L2 and L3 data files were updated on the data server. Small issues fixed.

28 Dec 2017. Validation report is available. PSDs for GOMOS NLC, OH*, and T are available.

18 Dec 2017. Data product service is now open. Still missing (and to be made available as soon as possible): SMR water vapour and T data products; PSDs for GOMOS NLC, OH*, and T; Validation Report.